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Education is the key to healthy feet

Foot care located in Aiea

Oh, the agony of the feet! We ask so much of them, yet they're quite possibly the most neglected part of the human body. Only when our feet are sidelined by pain or deformity do we fully appreciate everything they do for us. If you're suffering the ill effects of conditions such as bunions, bone spurs, ingrown toenail, arthritis or gout, Hawaii Foot & Ankle Associates can help you get your feet back to their old selves. Call our team of professional podiatrists in Aiea, HI for comprehensive surgical and non-surgical foot care, including diabetic foot care. We look forward to getting you back on your feet again! 

The home of happy feet

Hawaii Foot & Ankle Associates is staffed by a team of two podiatrists whose mission is to provide superior, accessible service in foot and ankle care. By taking the time to understand all of our patients' unique needs, and working in tandem with their primary care physicians and other medical specialists, we deliver quality health care for the whole person. Call our office in Aiea, HI for an appointment.

Get your foot in our door

Those platform heels looked great on you in your 20's. Now that you're older, you're paying the price for being fashionable. Whether you suffer from chronic foot problems, or pain from a work or sports injury, Hawaii Foot & Ankle Associates can get your feet back on the job. Call us for effective treatment of corns, callouses, hammer toes, arthritis, or heel conditions at our Pali Momi location. 

Healthy feet, healthy you

When you have a cold, it's inconvenient, certainly, but you can still continue to function. When your feet are out of commission, you're out of commission, too. Hawaii Foot & Ankle Associates understands. We offer a wide range of services designed to get your feet healthy again, and help them stay that way for the long haul. We prescribe medication, treat foot and ankle fractures and sports injuries. We also perform and read x-rays, do surgical procedures, and prescribe physical therapy and custom shoe inserts. Think of us as well for education and guidance on diabetic foot care. 
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